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K33Kitchen real vs fake christmas tree

Real vs. fake – which Christmas tree is more environmental-friendly?

Christmas is just around the corner! From an environmental perspective, does a real or fake Christmas tree have a...

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K33Kitchen foraging guide black trumpet

Foraging guide – black trumpet mushroom’s identification and recipe

Black trumpet mushrooms are popular edible mushrooms. They have a smoky, nutty taste that’s accompanied by a uniquely sweet...

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K33Kitchen foraging guide blackberry feature

Foraging guide – wild blackberry’s identification and recipes

In late summer, you’ll find blackberries in abundance all over the UK, including dense woods, hedgerows, railway embankments, wastelands,...

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7 rules foraging

Foraging without damaging – 7 rules for foraging

Fundamental rules/manners of foraging – be fun, sustainable and responsible; keep yourself safe and don't break the law.

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